Websites Social Anxiety Disorder
An excellent resource and blog with advice, coping strategies, and much more.
The Panic Center
Provides a free CBT program for those with panic disorder.
Provides information and explanations about anxiety disorder and ways to treat them. Offers free self-help programs for treating anxiety.
Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada
The ADAC is a registered charity and non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting public and professional sensitization and awareness of anxiety conditions.
A search engine for anxiety and mood disorders.
Anxiety Disorders Association of America
Includes information on many anxiety disorders, including a guide to treatment, and locating a specialist in your area.
Guide to Anxiety and Sleep | Tuck Sleep
A guide that covers everything from in-depth information about the six major types of anxiety, to how they affect sleep and expert advice as to how to address anxiety.
The Depression Center
Offers free 16-week self-help CBT program for depression.
Canada 211
Provides information on a range of community resources by location.
Mood Disorders Association of Ontario
Includes information on mood disorders (depression and bipolar disorder).
National Institute of Mental Health
Includes references and referrals to national mental health organizations and self-help groups, a resource list, books, and media.
Ontario Psychological Association
Includes resources for finding a registered psychologist in Ontario.
Ontario Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Network
Information and support for those with OCD.
Canadian Mental Health Association
Offers information and referral service to connect you with local mental health services and providers, including private practitioners, library books and videos on mental health topics, as well as various other resources are offered.