About us and our meetings

Earla and Paul

We're a group of social phobia sufferers trying to help each other out, nothing more, nothing less. Our meetings are a chance to share stories, worries, fears, or just listen. There's no pressure to join in. We know how powerful it can be just to hear that others have the same crippling fears that you do.

The group was started by Earla in 2001 and in 2003 Paul became co-facilitator (the pictured misfits). Since then, it has slowly grown in attendance. Nowadays, Paul facilitates the meetings once a month.

We meet the first Wednesday of each month from 7-8:00pm at ARF (Addiction and Research Foundation) at 33 Russell Street, Toronto, 3rd floor, room 321.  (Please note our meeting room is in the tower).

(This group is not a CAMH program. They have graciously offered us space for our meetings, for which we are grateful).

HOPE TO SEE YOU AT ONE OF OUR MEETINGS.  For more information please contact us.