Earla's Road Map

My life, my journey, feels like a road map. Sometimes I take the straight route, stopping at stop signs, cross walks, but continuing in a straight line. At other times I take a dead end and stay there for awhile and when I am ready, and only when I am ready, turn around and take another route. Other times I am in a street that is a circle and I keep going around and around until I get dizzy and I want to leave, or I go up and down a street never going anywhere else, just up and down. It can be one of those curvy roads going one way then another. Or one way street where there is no option, I go one way and no where else. Or there could be times when I am on a highway zipping along, enjoying the rush the speed. Not noticing anything else but the rush I am feeling. Or the best for me is going off the beaten track, driving down a country road, one that I mistook to be the right road for my destination and I don’t' care. I drive slow and notice what is passing before me. The road itself, bumpy and not perfect, but that is okay, I enjoy this, the imperfection of the road. I have time to look out the window and see nature, to look out the window and see the sky, corn fields, daisies, creeks, rabbits, enjoying nature. I might park and get out and feel life more, feel peace, feel nature. This is where I feel alive and usually take this road now even when I am in a hurry. I don't want to miss life as I used to. But life is not always a country road but it is so nice to know I can go down that road and be more alive.

To be a able to turn and curve that is what life is, to take a detour when a road is closed and learn that there are other alternatives other choices.

Take roads that will let you discover/rediscover what is inside you and to find out what life has to offer you. So take a road you have never been down, a road full of the unknown, of joy, of learning, of being.